weekly menu

= Paleo-ish
= Paleo
= Vegan

Thai beef basil meatballs with stir fried veggies

Sub meatballs for extra veggies + brown rice

Chicken tikka masala over white rice

Sub cauliflower rice for white rice
Sub lentils for chicken

Steak tip kale and quinoa salad with corn, tomatoes, feta and pesto

No quinoa or cheese
Sub chickpeas for steak tips, no cheese

Chicken & broccoli cauliflower gnocchi with garlic lemon sauce

Sub mushrooms for chicken

Roasted salmon over supercrunch salad with honey mustard dressing

No salmon, extra nuts & veggies for vegan

yeah that looks good



Below is a sample of what a weekly menu at Bowls By Ko might look like.. actually this was the menu one week!

If you're intrigued by what you're seeing but not convinced at what a healthy meal delivery service might look like, check out my instagram @bowlsbyko where I post my menu each week!