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“Great, because I want to feed you! Follow the steps below and you’ll have yummy bowls delivered to your door in no time.”


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I cook your meals and deliver them to your doorstep on Mondays! 


Great food, in a bowl. It’s that simple. The meals made at Bowls by KO are 100% free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar. Every bowl is filled with real, unprocessed food that tastes amazing and makes you feel even better.


Incorporates high-quality, minimally processed dairy and grains. Great for people wanting to eat healthy without any major restrictions. 


"The caveman diet" 100% free of all grain, dairy, & legumes (in addition to gluten, soy & refined sugar which you won’t find in any of the meal plans). Great for people with food sensitivities!

vegetarian or vegan

Takes the "Paleo-ish" or Paleo plan and cuts out the animal products.  *When signing up, please note if you are vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan and whether you’d prefer paleoish or paleo as your base plan.

how often?

5 meals / week


10 meals / week


The deets:

32oz portion size

100% biodegradable packaging

Home or workplace delivery included

High-quality organic ingredients

this food is so freakin good! I always say I'm going to eat healthy but then its 7pm and I'm ordering take-out again. Katelin makes it so easy to eat amazing and HEALTHY food! Just sign up because let's be real - you're not going to cook this yourself

Maddie / Paleo-ish

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- Katelin

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