my most frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Paleo and Paleo-ish?

Paleo is a way of eating "based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food". This plan is 100% free of grain, soy, dairy & refined-sugar. Great for people looking to eat lower-carb or those eliminating certain foods for health purposes. Paleo-ish is less restrictive while still focusing on completely unprocessed food. All the food on this plan is 100% free of gluten, soy and refined sugar but incorproates incorporate some grains like rice & quinoa.

How long do meals last?

Meals come fully prepared and will last for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. Meals are delivered on Monday by lunch time so you have fresh grab and go meals for the entire week!

Do meals come with caloric information and/or macros?

No! Bowls by KO is NOT intended to be a diet. I want to support intuitive eating and for me that means no calorie counting. For reference, Bowls are 32oz and typically include 6-8oz of protein and at least two servings of vegetables.

Can I mix and match plans?

No, not within a single week's order. You will be asked to select Paleo or Paleo-ish at checkout. You can change plans whether you order week to week or have a weekly subscription. Week-to-week: Simply select a different plan each time you check out! Subscription: Email bowlsbyko@gmail.com for plan changes

How do I pause my subscription plan?

If you use the subscription service and are traveling for a week you're welcome to pause your plan for one week per month. When you sign into your account, under “My Profile” there will be a button called “Suspend Delivery”. Go to that page and note the dates you would like to suspend your plan. Your weekly charge will be refunded and deliveries will pick back up automatically after the end date you note. PLEASE NOTE: You may only suspend your plan one week per month.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

We would hate to see you leave, but if you’re sure you want to cancel indefinitely (remember, you can pause your plan for any amount of time with no penalties) please email bowlsbyko@gmail.com to have your account disabled. Please give a reason in your email. Feedback helps us improve our service!

When will my meals delivered?

Meals are delivered on Monday morning with a guarantee of delivery by 1pm.

What is included when I sign up for a week of meals?

5 or 10 meals fully prepared, fresh meals (you choose your quanitity) Customizable menu with online ordering 100% compostable packaging FREE delivery

What's the difference between ordering for one week vs a weekly subscription?

When signing up for a weekly subscription you'll get everything described above PLUS: -10% your weekly meals -Reusable insulated Bowls by KO bags (which your meals will be delivered in)

Do I have to get meals every week?

No! Bowls by KO now offers individual weekly orders. Any time you'd like to order you simply go to https://www.bowlsbyko.com/meal-plans and purchase a week of meals. If you do sign up for a subscription you'll recieve 10% your weekly meals and will be charged weekly for your meal delivery.

Can I order less than 5 meals?

No. Meal plans are intended to provide a full week of meals and come in quantities of 5 or 10. The weekly menu has 5 options weekly and you can customize your options.

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